My first reaction to seeing a Monkey O's was a bit of confusion (I was super high). What is the odd plastic shaped thing I thought.


Then I figured it out and decided to give it a try, I blew my first smoke bubble and thought this was the most fun stoner toy since.. I can't think of one.. 

Here's a video on my Youtube channel of me and some friends monkeying around.

To use a Monkey O's you just take the Monkey O's by the ears and dip the larger end of the device in the special "Monkey O's Juice", take a toke and blow the smoke through the tip.

The smoke bubble forms and then with a special motion of a flick and pull the bubble comes away from the Monkey O's and you have yourself a smoke bubble!

 It does take a bit of practice but over time you'll be able to do more complex tricks, like the ones below

As you saw in the video above you can also use Monkey O's to blow smoke rings by making a monkey sound

But the bubbles.. for me it's all about the bubbles. I feel like the fish from Finding Nemo


Monkey O's makes getting high or vaping even more fun!


So do your stoney self a favour and grab yours today in Canada at Monkey O's website or from the US Monkey O's  website!