It's that time of year again. Goodbye 2015, Helllloooo 2016! Have you ever thought about improving your cannabis use habits? Here's are 6 New Years resolutions for the weed smoker

Vape More

Marijuana doesn't cause lung cancer but the fact you're inhaling smoke does. Vaping is a healthy alternative, you are essentially vaporizing the cannabinoids and avoiding setting the plant matter on fire aka combustion. You'll feel a difference on your lungs after switching to vaping. 

Switch to Unbleached, Organic Rolling Papers

Some tokers don't know that to get your rolling papers that bright white they bleach it! Do your lungs a favour and switch to unbleached, organic hemp papers. I recommend Raws!

Ditch the Bic for Hemp Wick

Have you ever thought about the fact the you are inhaling butane when you're smoking from a pipe or a bong? Switch to using hemp wick to burn your herb. You'll avoid inhaling lighter fluid, and improve the taste.

I like Hemp Lights, your standard Bic fits into a plastic sleeve that dispenses the hemp wick and its metal tube is used to extinguish the flame

Clean Glass More Often

It's easy to let that pipe build up with resin or let the bong water get to a dark brown color. But this year make an effort to keep your glass clean! It's more hygienic, your cannabis will taste better, and your glass will look nicer

Break the Stoner Stereotype

We all know the stereotype- stoners are lazy, stupid, unmotivated, messy, blah blah blah. This year make an effort to smash the stereotype, it's time to become more motivated, educated, and organized! 

Be Grateful

2015 saw more leaps and bounds for the cannabis movement! Be grateful for an amazing plant that has so much to offer us and finally society as a whole is realizing it! Also being grateful puts you in a more positive mind set, and you can't have a positive life with a negative mind! 

Best wishes to you on your journey through life high! May 2016 bring you everything you dream of and more 

Much love, stay high - Ash