stoner circle rules

Are you new to the stoner circle? Then read this blog post to make sure you aren't doing anything that might piss or annoy those in your cannabis circle

1. Chip In

If you joining a group to blaze make sure you pitch in some bud. It is best to match same sized nugs so it's fair.

2. Rollers Rights

Whoever rolls it, lights it

3. Don't Slobber

DO NOT get your saliva all over on the end of the joint or blunt. It's gross and nobody will be stoked to smoke it after you

4. It's not a Microphone

Us stoners like to tell stories, but don't hold on to the joint or blunt the whole time you're yapping, holding up the process of getting high with your buds.

5. Ash Before you Pass

After you have a puff off a joint or blunt ash it if needed.

6. Pass the Dutchie to the Left Hand Side

This isn't the wild west, you want to get high with your stoner friends in a nice orderly fashion. So pass the joint to the left hand side. 

7. Cut Out? Well Keep Passing It

It's fine if you cut out of the circle but keep passing the joint around so people aren't having to reach around you. 

8. Keep Passing Till Everyone Is Happy and High

Keeping passing that joint or blunt till everyone has had enough or fingers are burning. 

9. Don't Bitch and Complain

This is a positive time where friends get together and enjoy a joint. Don't complain about the quality of weed your friends brought, or if someone broke one of the rules once or twice, or if a joint gets dropped. Shit happens, nothing is perfect keep those positive vibes flowing and enjoy your fucking self.

10. The Roach

After your sesh is over you're left with the roach. So where does it go? Some people keep them and others throw them away, regardless make sure it ends up where it's supposed to go. Such as in an ashtray, container, pocket, or in the garbage. If you're smoking outdoors sometimes it's not appropriate to leave your roaches on the ground especially parks, play grounds, outside businesses or educational places. 

Any smoking rules I didn't mention that you live by?

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