When you think of 4/20, you probably think about just getting high but how about this 4/20 you get high with purpose or do something different.

Here are 20 things to do this stoner holiday:

1. Educate someone about cannabis

2. Call your local politicians and let them know you support cannabis reform

3. Attend a 4/20 rally

4. Go for high-ke (hike when you’re high)

5. Treat yo self at a local headshop

6. Buy something directly from a glass blower

7. Smoke weed in public as a civil act of disobedience

8. Get high and DIY

9. Light up in a place you haven’t before

10. Take time to think about all those affected by the war on drugs

11. Donate to a cannabis advocacy group or just thank them for all they do

12. Visit a theme park, museum, art gallery or zoo

13. Indulge your inner child

14. Clean all your glass and organize your stash box

15. Watch a classic stoner movie

16. Puff, puff, pass with your best buds

17. Thank your dispensary or dealer for their service

18. Make some epic munchies

19. Toke up in a way you haven’t before or don’t usually smoke

20. Make a list of the reasons you are grateful for the cannabis plant

I hope you have a highly enjoyable 4/20! Be high, be happy, and be safe 💚 - ASH