Some pets are better suited for stoners.. it's important these pets are easy to care for and trippy looking.. here's my top 5 stoner pets 

1. Chameleon

These little guys are alien looking from their eyes, toes, tail, tongue, oh and the fact they can change the appearance of their skin colour is mind blowing. 

2. Ferret

These cute little furry monsters are: fun, playful, inquisitive, cuddly and portable.. A cross between a cat, dog, hampster. They sleep a lot and are always finding new places to snuggle up Just be careful because they have been known to steal baggies.. which may or may not work in your favor. 

3. Axolotl 

This unusual salamander creature refuses to grow up and stays in their larval stage for their entire lives. Those weird little things sticking off their heads is their gills which they use to breath. Axolotls spend their time just hanging out in an aquarium, looking cute. Axolotls come in different colours and there are even some that glow under black light! 

4. Leopard gecko

These little fellers always look like they are smiling and if hand trained are super friendly. They love munching on crickets or meal worms and dig sleeping in dark places. Just look at their cute little faces! 

5. Cats

They basically rule the internet, and live the lifestyle most stoners only dream of. Laying around in comfortable places, basking in the sun, sleeping, eating, playing with shiny things, or chasing laser pointers. *Sigh* Living the simple life