I had been using my 710 pen for over a year now, until the last atomizer died :( We've had some good times.. *cue sappy music*

Anyways I decided to mix it up so this is a review on my replacement pen, the Platinum Cloud from CloudV - Galaxy Print

What's in this box:

  • battery
  • atomizer
  • mouth piece
  • silicone mouth piece covers
  • user manual
  • pleather  carrying case
  • dab tool
  • 2 pc charger


Pretty standard -all the pieces fit together then you click the button on the front serveral times quickly and the vape is on, hold the button to activate the heating coil. To turn it off you click it again several times quickly, the button blinks twice then its off. 


It's recommended you pre heat your coil  (a minimum of 10 seconds) then load your "product" into the atomizer- never make direct contact with the coil and don't overload - a dab will do. 


After you're loaded and the mouth piece is back on it's time to vape! Hold the button 5-15 seconds and inhale like your sipping through a straw. You'll taste your "product" and should see a visible vapour upon exhaling. 

Special Features

  • the Platinum has a nifty little window on the mouth piece so you can see the vapour form
  • Recipient of 6 awards for Best Product from High Times Magazine
  • Lifetime warranty on battery as long as you aren't the reason it stopped working.
  • Variety of colours and finishes
  • Attachment


The first two are water attachments - the Aqua Bubblers and the second two are globe attachments 


Ash's Analysis 

So far I'm happy with mine Pros: it hits good, looks pretty, easy to use, comes with a nice case so its convenient to carry around and medicate on the go. Cons: The battery disconnects from the atomizer easily. I love my Galaxy Cloud V Pen as much as I loved my 710 Mini.. maybe a bit more because of the galaxy print and I find the slender pens a bit more sexy and less felt marker like.. The Platinum retails for $79.99, get yours online by clicking the button bellow or at your local head shop head shop

NOTE: As of early 2015 Cloud V has updated their Platinum Pen and fixed the problem of the atomizer coming apart from the battery, way to go Cloud V!