Why keep your glass clean?

  1. Hygiene
  2. Dirty bongs can stink up a room
  3. If you accidentally spill dirty bong water it's going to stink up whatever it touches
  4. Glass looks nicer when it's clean
  5. Better taste
  6. Smoother hits
  7. You're not a dirty stoner

I know it take a bit of effort to thoroughly clean your glass. So here's a few tips to help reduce the dirty thus making it easier to keep your glass cleaner


Screens will help keep out more ash and half burnt weed. So keep that ash in your ash tray and that half burnt grind? there's no need for waste.

You can get metal screens, ceramic, glass, or some bowls are now coming with built in screens. 

Ash Catchers

Ash catcher do exactly what their name implies, but I'll break it down incase you're really high.

This glass apparatus fits into where the bowl of your bong goes and has a second glass fitting to give your bowl a new home. Ash and junk goes into the catcher instead of straight into your bong. 

As an added bonus most ash catchers feature some kind of percolation device for smoother hits and can enhance the look of your bong

Rez Block

This nifty little product is from 420 Science it's a concentrate made of fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin, purified water, and citric acid.

Just a few drops of Rez Block with every water change it will stop resin from sticking to your glass. 

While I have not tried this myself 420 Science claims it will not alter the taste and will keep your glass cleaner. 

Frequent Water Changes

If it's brown, flush it down. Your water that is..

It only takes a few mins and will help make your bong tokes more enjoyable between your deep cleans. 

Want to know how I give my bong a deep clean, check out my other blog post below

Thanks for wanting to make your glass cleaner! - Ash

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