There are tens of thousands of head shops, smoke shops, tobacco shops in North America. But the perfect head shop isn't in every town or city so many potheads turn to online ordering

how to choose an online head shop

I understand some people aren't comfortable ordering from online head shops they worry about being exposed as a cannabis user or the item wont be properly packaged and will arrive damaged.

These are problems you don't want to worry about so that's why it's so important to order from an online head shop you can trust

But how do you choose an online head shop? Here are 10 signs you're ordering from a top notch head shop

choosing an online head shop

Also it's nice to get free shipping and free gifts (screens, stickers, brand swag) with large orders, it's not necessary but that's the head shop going the extra mile to make you happy. Who doesn't love free stuff right?

I've ordered from a few different online head shops and my latest experience with Brother's with Glass was excellent!

Check out this sweet Liberty 503 Pipe I got from them

Isn't it a beautiful pipe? Liberty 503 glass is made in Oregon by a collective of glass artists, see more of their beautiful pipes here 

If you're in the market for a new piece of glass or smoking accessories go check out Brother's With Glass Online Headshop, it's easy to navigate, they have an awesome selection and you will get your product discreetly, quickly and safely- and really that's all a customer wants  

Thanks for reading this blog post if you have any comments or questions leave them below!

Much love, stay high - ASH