Last night I was smoking my bong watching the elections results, as they came in my hopes got higher.. as did I. Through my stoney red eyes it was clear to see that the Liberals were on the way to a majority government

This election was a big one for my country of Canada for many reasons. But for me and my pot smoking Canadian brothers and sisters it signalled the possible end of the war on cannabis.

Justin had promised legalization, he had be convinced by the voters that our current approach for "controlling" marijuana hasn't worked. "Canada needs to regulate, tax it, and get it out of the hands of our children" Trudeau has said.

And clearly we agree we voted him in and now it's time he starts working on his promises. I realize (and you should too) that this isn't going to happen over night. 

But the first thing out new Prime Minister can do is tell our law enforcement (The RCMP) to stop going after the cannabis users, we are normal and functioning members of society that have never deserved to go to jail for consuming a plant that has is MUCH less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. 

Though the road to legalization may be long and full of pot holes, I believe we have finally over grown the government and are on our way to reasonable marijuana "drug" policy. 

So here's to the future *raises joint* the one where millions of Canadians are no longer criminals for consuming a plant.

Hopefully like Colorado we can have less children using cannabis, traffic fatalities at an all time low, less deaths and addictions from prescription pills, record setting job growth, a drop in violent crimes, and more tax money for health care and education.

All eyes are back on Canada for the marijuana movement!

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