I just received a Medtainer in my September Cannabox


(if you haven't heard of the Cannabox it's a monthly subscripition to a 420 goody box!)


At first glance the Medtainer looks like a plastic pill bottle, but twist off the top and there's more going on.


The Medtainer is storage for your bud and a grinder!

The price of a small Medtainer is $10-15, it's made with medical grade plastic you can store 3.5 to 5 grams. It's also air tight, water tight, and smell proof which makes it pretty convenient for on the go.

The plastic grinding tips are strong enough to chop up dry herb very well, and quick! Moist or "sticky" buds can still be ground up, but it'll take a few extra twists. The Medtainer can provide you with a nice grind for your joints, pipe, or bong. 

I'm totally in love with my new Medtainer!

It wont replace my Santa Cruz Shredder for home use. But now I can leave my (almost) $100 grinder and a baggie at home and bring my Medtainer along 

The Medtainer comes in different colours, two sizes and some are printed with different brand logos. My only complaint is that it's not made from hemp plastic!

Just throw your nugs into the bottle twist the top for storage. When you're ready to roll open your Medtainer, place the nugs in the grinding area, twist the top until it's busted up, dump out your grind, twist up a joint and you're smoking in no time.

If you want to grab yourself a Medtainer click on the link below 

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Much Love, Stay High - ASH