A Munny is a vinyl figure that is meant to be customized, decorated, or altered. The figures are generally produced by an American company Called "Kidrobot". Here are a few I found on Pinterest

Obviously it hasn't taken long for the medium to change, and glass Artists are now making their own Munnys, many of which are worth a lot of munny- thousands of munny. 

Coyle Condenser and collaberating artist in my opinion have made some of the most rad glass Munnys to date. 

I had the pleasure of seeing on of Coyle's x Slinger's Munnys after it was purchased by someone I know; they paid around $8,000 for this little Clockwork Orange Argyle.

munny coyle and slinger

Sooo dank, I can't wait to own a munny one day.. sigh

Till then I got my munny fix by grabbing bunny munny at a Dollar Store, it was all white and full of possibilities. I decided a galaxy paint job would be dope. So here's the first one I painted up

This Space Galaxy Nebula Bunny Munny is available for sale on my Etsy Website, click the button below if you want him. 

I went and bought a few more Bunny Munnys, if you have any suggestions on how I should paint them I'd love to hear your ideas! 

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