Don't know what to go your girl for Valentine's Day? No worries I have some ideas that her stoney little heart is sure to love

1. Chocolate/Munchies 

Go out and grab your girl her fave munchie food or maybe some medicated chocolate? You can almost never go wrong with some sweet treats!

2. Stoney Pendant

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I'm pretty sure it's weed. So grab her a weedy pendant and she's sure to forget all about those diamonds

After all every pretty pothead needs a pretty pendant. 

3. Weed Leggings from Miss Mary Jane Co

Your girl will look smokin' wearing these printed leggings from Miss Mary Jane Co

4. Flowers

I mean you could buy her roses (how cliche) or go out and grab her some cannabis flowers *Bonus points if it's arranged in a unique fashion like the pictures below*

5. Feminine Glass Pipe, Bong, Rig

Let's face it the marijuana industry is tailored to the male consumer so your girl will be excited to smoke out of a glass piece fit for a cannabis queen

A couple that smokes together stay together!

Happy Valentine's Day buds!