During my time working at a head shop I came to realize though rolling papers are one of the most favourite methods to get high, a lot of my fellow stoners didn't know much about what they were rolling their weed with. 

What's It Made Of?

The paper can made from a variety of materials, you got your:

  • Wood Pulp
  • Hemp
  • Rice
  • Cellulose
  • Flax
  • Tobacco (Blunts)
 A variety of papers, can you identify them?

A variety of papers, can you identify them?

Each paper has different qualities, advantages and disadvantages if you will. The most popular papers are made from hemp and rice such as Raw and Elements Papers. Hemp makes a good rolling paper because A) it's made from hemp B) burns smooth C) easy to roll D) no nasty papers taste. Rice also makes a good paper because A) very slow burn B) very light C) barely any taste


What makes the paper stick together? The gum that runs along the end of the paper Your plant based sugar gum comes from the Acacia Tree, and is 100% natural. 

Or your paper glue can be made with dead animals, ie animal based glues made from the connective tissue of dead horses, fish, or rabbits. (I'll save you from seeing the pictures)

Bleached Or Unbleached

Ever smoked a bright white paper? It was bleached to be that white. But it doesn't have to be, there are companies out there offering bleach free papers, they might not be as crisp looking but hey at least you aren't smoking bleach. 


Flavoured or Unflavoured

It's mostly personal preference, but you know the papers aren't flavoured by magic. But with chemicals, that taste delicious.  So if you're into flavoured papers and little pictures on your joint there are an endless list of choices such as: blueberry, strawberry, watermelon, grape, mango, cookie dough, bacon, candy cane, blah blah blah. 

Qualities of a Good Rolling Paper

  • Easy to Roll
  • Burns Slow
  • Burns Even
  • Little to No Paper Taste
  • Effective Glue (Doesn't Come Apart)

What's My All Time Fave Paper?


Gotta be the Raw! Not only are their papers rawesome, in fact I love all their products. But they have a huge online community #RawLife, the founder Josh has good vibes and is totally living the high life. Oh and they set up the Raw Foundation that has provided meals to malnourished children, brought water to people who were in drought by drilling wells, sponsoring an orphanage in Bali, and a lot more! Check it out by clicking the button below.  

What's your go to paper to roll with? Leave a comment below