As marijuana becomes legalized, and more widley accepted gangaprenures are putting thier high ideas in reality. Check out some of these inventions


Solar Hit

Remeber as a child when you set shit on fire with a magnifying glass on sunny days? Well apply that concept to smoking weed. Throw a magnifying glass on a pipe and you got the Solar Hit..

 Click through to be directed to Solar Hit's Website

Click through to be directed to Solar Hit's Website



What the one thing you always have with you? Your cell phone. The geniuses over at iHit took a smoker's box and smashed it with an iPhone 5/5S case and



Available in blue, pink, silver, and black $29.99


Eyce Mold

Ice is nice in a bong. It's a fact, peer reviewed. So fuck it - just make that whole bong out of ice. Buy a mold, fill it with water.. do another few steps, wait a while then you have icy cool tokes. Check out the video , it's pretty sweet. Mold and everything you need to make one for $89.99



Smoke your pipe and eat it too.. need I say more? $4.99


Tap Dat Ash

But don't break that bowl, silicone ash tray. Molded silicone with bowl holder, and paper slots. Dish washer safe and heat reisitant up to 600 f.

Also while cruising their website I came across Rox glass diffusion.. I may have been really stoned but it's pretty trippy

Have you come across any innovate 420 products that I didn't mention, leave a comment below I'd love to hear about it - Ash